The times they are a changin'...

Greetings and salutations one and all. I'm gutted to say that we're not going to be doing any more trade events this year... Now, I know what you're all thinking "With the festive period coming up and everyone wanting to buy gifts for their loved ones, not doing trade events is pure madness!!" and you'd be right, if it weren't for the marvel that is the internet. Yep, I know I always said I prefer selling face-to-face, but sadly it's simply too expensive to do "craft fairs" and "village shows" anymore. So we've taken the decision to move much more online and then pick a few events a year to go to. Sadly, due to external influences we've seen a significant rise in material costs, fuel cost etcetcetc and it's meant that driving up and down the country to trade at events and camps has just become impossible for us as we're simply not able to produce and carry enough stock.
Now, perhaps if I was to succumb to the BARRAGE of emails I get from the manufacturers in Delhi, and take them up on the offer to supply their bulk-buy-special-price-for-you-sir, mass produced tat via my stalls then perhaps we'd be able to trade at an event every weekend...but that simply goes against everything we've ever stood for - it's handmade by us or it isn't on the stall.
So don't despair, we're not going away - simply re-locating and in a strange way catching up with the digital age...that being said, why not head on over and check out the Etsy page...we've even got a sale on.