We need a Tardis...

Well the last month or so has been rather awesome... and a little chronologically confusing. Here at Wyld Fire we are used to jumping between the past and present, but this month we've also been visiting the future.

We had the pleasure of working on a fantastic film project, "The Young Ones - Safe Haven", a long running project of TACHY Studios. We had great fun doing this and because it's set in the near future, it meant we could let our imaginations fly when it came to creating costumes. As you can see from the photo we spent some time in front of the camera, as well as doing behind the scenes costuming work. It's a brilliant project and a fascinating story. I'd highly recommend keeping a close eye on their facebook page to watch for developments.

Once we were back in the present it wasn't long before Gordon was stepping into the past at Warkworth Castle. He's there as part of their summer holiday activities every Tuesday and Wednesday, helping to provide displays entertaining and educating people about the War of the Roses. The castle itself is spectacular and is a great way to keep kids busy through the Summer.

Now, I must bid you farewell for now as we are hectically getting stock ready for Pagan Pride and PF London conference. If you're local to these events we hope to see you there. We will have our usual array of historical crafts, and you can be entertained by some of Gordons storytelling.