May Is A Come In!

Beltane blessings to one and all! The Winter has passed, Spring has sprung forth green and bright and now Summer chases hard at it's heels!
We're just back into the workshop after a hectic run up to May. Lily and I got married (well hand-fasted but we don't think there's any difference!) and we've been dashing all over the country for trade events and camps.
We were in attendance at the Hexham Spring Fayre doing some living history pieces and then traveled south to Thornborough Henge to celebrate Beltane with some superb folk. Tales were told, horns found good homes and great foaming tankards of mead and ale were raised in revelry and rejoicing.
There will be pictures aplenty as soon as we get them all transferred and uploaded.
We've got a good number of commissions to be cracking on with as well as sorting all our "stock" items - don't worry we'll be showing you pictures of them as soon as we can!

So now it's all go to get set for Folklore, Myth and Legend at Bede's World at the end of the month.

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures and videos.
Until then, Summer's coming...what are you waiting for get out there and re-connect with the woods!