All Quiet on the Woodland Front

Well it's been a quiet couple of months in the woodlands. The weather has made it all but impossible to get into the trees to do anything but walk! First it was a foot of snow covering the ground, turning buried branches into man traps. Next it was the high water from the melt and rain and now it's gale force winds stopping all but the lightest of felling and clearing work. We've found it frustrating but have really enjoyed the changing face of the woodlands over the festive period.
The centre piece making workshop was a huge success with all attendees going away with a beautiful, unique decoration for their home for christmas! 
So looking ahead into 2013 we've got a load of exciting developments coming your way! New courses, new venues, new events...all will be revealed, in good time mind you!

The latest news is that Wyld-Fire is continuing to move into the practical archaeology of the dark ages. Plans are afoot to construct a norse longship, although this will take some considerable time to organise, we are looking to begin building in late 2013 or early 2014. Any one who is interested in being involved with the project should get in-touch either via Facebook or through our contact form.

We are also delighted to announce that we are to start a living history group! We will be focusing, of course, on the dark ages with a predominantly "viking" feel to the group. We are liaising with a few combat schools at the moment to develop the best, most inclusive combat training package possible
We are aiming to have a fully functional society group, with crafts people and domestic skills featuring heavily. So if hitting things with other things isn't your style there will be plenty to keep you busy! Having said that, if you feel you'd like to have a go at some combat we'll be more than happy to involve you with training. Again if you'd like to get involved, get in-touch!

We hope you're having a brilliant 2013 and that you are looking forward to the warmer and (hopefully) dryer months to come!